Singing Lessons for:

  • Beginners and advanced students
  • Singers, actors & choristers
  • Vocal training
  • Musicianship
  • Repertoire study
  • Performance practice

Student Repertoire:

  • Classical and contemporary vocal music
  • music theatre
  • folk and jazz

Teaching Languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French

photo by Franziska Hauser

photo by Franziska Hauser


  • Support singers to develop vocal skills and  explore their musical aspirations
  • Teaching based on the holistic physiology of voice production
  • Vocal technique that develops  vocal flexibility
  • Nurturing  the  singer as unique expressive artist
  • Voice production that enhances  the vitality and clarity of text
  • Clear instruction that can be experienced and verified  in practice


Many controversies still remain in the field of voice teaching.I therefore believe in encouraging the student to be an autonomous and critical learner. I aim to share knowledge with the student and to give them the confidence to learn from their own perceptions and judgement.

The practices of movement and body work – Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis , Laban, Tai Chi, Pilates – have a central place in my teaching.

The singer in my view is always understood as a theatrical performer. My engagement in developing performance practice for vocal repertoire is informed by many years collaborating in contemporary performance and cross-arts projects.